Monday, November 24, 2008

My First!!

I've always loved quotes and I've loved graphics, so here ya go. It's only appropriate for this to be my first for several reasons. a) I've always LOVED this song and b) it's the first I've made.

The example LO is part of my husband's anniversary present (he has yet to get it, our anniversary was in August - I'm not late, I'm just still working on it).

You can download the wordart here. My version doesn't have Elvis's name on it because I'm using it for private use and I know who sings it, but I have an obligation to credit the artist just because my husband is a musician and I just have to support them all. Of course, my copy is the brown/orange color, but it's easily color-able, if you don't know how, just ask and I'll walk you through it.

There's a really sappy story about the church in them middle picture -- I'll just say that the bells rang as soon as he proposed. Same bells rang when we had our first kiss - in the same spot he proposed a few months before. If that's not a sign, we don't want to get one ;)


Layout: All elements by AWP. (I'm not sure which kits they are from off hand, but her kits never expire, so you should be able to find it)

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Deb said...


Love that song too! Glad to see you finally got a blog! I grabbed your word art but for some reason in IE/Vista I can only save it as a bitmap image if I click on the link. I have to right-click on the link and "save target as" and then can save it as jpeg. I swear I'm going to make the permanent switch to Firefox. Thanks for the great word art and would love to hear the sappy story sometime! Welcome to BLOGLAND!