Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The hills are alive

...With the Sound of Music

So here's today's "artsy fartsy stuff" (as DH calls it) - inspiration from none else than the Van Trapp family.

My LO includes a film negative from Vicki, Deb's grayscaled flowers and her "hotel wallpaper" overlay (honestly, I don't know how she thinks to take pictures of that) and her layer styles (that once were grayscaled and I colored) on the words. Naturally, the colors were inspired by our lovely Tigers that we all worship ;)

You can score the word art here and make sure to leave some love! Eventually, it'll be a zipped folder with the TOU in it, but for now, it's just a jpg.

I'm now out of ready made LO's so it's time to test the creativity and come up with some more for the next download. I may not be here tomorrow due to the family time, and we're going to see my husband play this weekend, so may not be here then either. We'll see. The creativity -and patience- might just pop up and I'll have 20 done between now and tonight. Ha. Doubtful.

I hope every one has a blessed Thanksgiving.

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