Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A massive catch-up!

So here's my caught up P365:

Week 4:

Kit by Digitreats, Template by M Originals again!

Week 5:

This kit by Vicki (Down by the Lilly Pond with Mel) and Template by M Originals.

Week 6:

This kit by Vicki, too and Template by M Originals

Week 7:

Kit by Vicki, Sorry, Mer, but this template's from Liz. Well, it's a combination of two of them, but I'll still give her credit!

Week 8:

Another Vicki kit and template by M Originals.

I have the LO of week 9 done, it's just ready for pictures and journaling! That makes Mondays MUCH easier now! And to keep up with my 4-week designer pattern, next week is somebody new!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm WAY behind, I know I know

So I'm completely caught up on P365, just not caught up on layouts. I've even already taken tomorrow's picture, cheating? yes, probably. Saving time tomorrow getting ready for school after a four day weekend? Oh yes indeed. (Tomorrow's picture is of Connor's first "poster project", his Daddy helped him on it over the weekend, I added two minor things and it's ready and sitting by the door).

P365 LO's will get posted as soon as I get last week's Monday and Wednesday pictures off of my phone and onto a computer... not a hard task, just a matter of bluetoothing it to hubby's computer and emailing it over. Sad when I see something and I say "can I borrow your phone?" and I click the picture and email it to myself so it's all waiting on me when I get home :)

And when I get the time, there's another WordArt coming soon, honestly, I'm all out of ideas but I need to scrap again. When I'll find the time for that I have NO idea, not that work is crazy busy but it does now eat a chunk of my day. How I had Mardi Gras off, I'll have NO idea, pure luck, I guess. I just hope I'm not slammed when I get there in 11 hours with a massively crazy maternity ward.

This blog needs to be pretty, too. It's still on Valentine's Day and those hearts but that'll change soon, it just requires time and patience, I have the patience, just not the time.

Maybe I can work on a killer one if I get to go with "the band" on a 2 week road trip to the Pacific NW - I'm sure I'll be DYING for something to do in that van for two weeks :). Other than clicking a picture out of the moving car every few seconds. Oh the Pacific Ocean, how I yearn to see thee.

Bedtime for me.