Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours today. I'd list what I was thankful for, but it doesn't really feel like any holiday (other than July 4) outside with it raining on and off all day and about 70 degrees... better yet, I wish our July 4 only got to 70 degrees... I take back my statement, I just found something to be thankful for. My husband's band travels all over the US and got an offer to go to India this year. Fortunately for my sanity, it fell through. I don't know how I would have gone a week without him during a holiday or how I'd cope with knowing that he'd be over there right now during the Mumbai madness. If they would have gotten the gig, I'd be hysterical wondering whether or not he was ok.

So this morning, while watching the first few minutes of the Macy's Parade, this LO was completed. I got the idea for this word art from a frame at a craft festival. The original was a huge frame hand painted with these song lyrics on them and a little (maybe 8x10) framed picture of a couple at their wedding on the inside. So, of course, I had to use a wedding picture. It's really girly, but isn't all scrapbooking?

You can get the word art here and once again, LO credits go to Vicki. It seems like she's the only designer I use, but I promise I use others, really! Layer Style credits go to Deb - when I first saw those, I thought "I'm never going to use that" but oh how wrong I really was. These, I believe are all from her Sugar Shoppe color scheme.

Speaking of designing - I tried my hand at some papers/elements last night - without cheating, only using what came on CS2 - and realized exactly how much I rely on those layer styles and CU elements :). I made an LSU mini-kit that really isn't spectacular, but I'm getting there.

Time to go save the ladybug that's on the bedroom ceiling before DH gets it - we fight over them constantly, they eat his kilts but I'll never kill one, so we set them free when one wanders in.

So happy holidays, hope all those turkeys came out ok (and stay away from the canned cranberries, I've always wondered what was in that)

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Bren said...

That scrappin' art you did for this blog is amazing! Thanks for sharing.
New to Digital Scrappin!