Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another one...

So the LO is a picture of my little Monkey and his best friend. Yes, I'm aware there's a button over his face, I haven't had a chance to ask for her permission yet, so he'll be "Button Boy" for now. What a better picture to use for this quote than of you and your best friend? I have this same picture scrapped on an 8x10 and framed on Monkey's nightstand, it has a completely different LO- but not with the quote. I know it's simple, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of those two and I couldn't add anything else to it without taking away from the picture.

I'm a princess at heart (what female isn't) so I have a soft spot for Disney. You can thank Winnie-The-Pooh for today's quote. And score it here.

Don't forget to download my TOU - I'm still getting this all straightened out so it's in a different download, eventually, it will be at the bottom of the site, but that involves dealing with xml within blogger and I don't have the patience for that right now.

I have loads more WordArt already made, now I'm just digging through archives of pictures looking for "the perfect one" to go with each one. I can move words around, but my creativity freezes when it comes to making LO's half the time. So as the LO's get made, the WordArt will be shared.

Thanks for the patience and enjoy some PoohBear!

I almost forgot: today's LO is brought to you by Andrea - it's her "Feeling Silly" kit if you want to go grab your own copy. (Even the button over "Button Boy's" face)

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Deb said...

Oh Lauren, thank you so much for sharing the picture of Connor. He looks just like Prince Charming, much like I knew he would! And who doesn't love Pooh!! That little guy is so wise (although my favorite is Roo!) Thanks for the great email and sharing your story with me! I am going to link you right now while I'm thinking about it! Have a fantastic Turkey Day!