Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weeks 1 and 2 of P365

So I should have posted this last week, but here's my week one of Project 365:

Smirk kit from Digitreats, template by MOriginals.

And here's week 2:

Digitreat's Giggle and MOriginals template.

Hopefully (if my ladies don't let me down, which I doubt they will) I can keep up the whole "kit by Digitreats, template by MOriginals" concept and do all 52 weeks like this. I'm a fan of continuity so we'll go with this idea until I get bored with it.

Today's picture is of a soggy light socket in the bathroom, but you'll have to wait for that LO to get that story. I'm just thankful I don't own the building because I wouldn't want to take apart two floors of bathrooms from faulty pipes.

Time to restart the computer and work on the logo for Mom's newest brilliant idea.

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