Monday, January 5, 2009

He did it again..

So following my obsession with Photoshop and scrapping, one day I decided to share Deb's animal templates with my then 4 year old and he had a BLAST. Once he figured out the layers, he had a whole farm cranked out in a few days. She brags about him here when we spent our summer on Photoshop.

So anyway, I was trying to get ideas for my Project 365 last night and he kept begging for computer time, so I gave him some this morning and he didn't fail us! Here's his "airplane in the sky", all credits go to Deb again for layer styles and overlays, Connor just colored it. He now LOVES Layer styles "they look real, Mommy!" so now his coloring time is cut down to three clicks.

Maybe I should give him free reign and show him how to do my header and let him do it :).

When I show my scrapping, I always get the "How'd you do that?" or "I don't understand Photoshop" and my response is "if CONNOR can do it, you can, it's not hard"

I know it's not a wordart, but I've been gone for a week at the in-laws and internet time was limited to time at Starbucks because they don't even have cable and are still stuck in the 70's with fuzzy wallpaper and harvest gold all over their house. They use the oven so rarely that it cooked chicken breasts in 30 minutes on 325, it normally takes over an hour at 475 in our oven. 325 degrees set off the smoke alarm, they're under direct orders to not use it until we can get them a new one, I don't want them burning the house down.

I'll have one in a few days, I'm still on Thanksgiving pages I need to do to stay up to date, but I'll have one soon.

And yes, I'll change the header off of Christmas soon, too. In my house, the saddest day of the year is the day the tree comes down. :(.

Time to go find some food,

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