Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm back!!

Wow so coming down with serious knock-you-on-your-butt-all-you-want-to-do-is-sleep sinus garbage helps me keep up with my scrapping!!! I've done SIX LO's in the past three days, that's a serious record for me. AND I have a new wordart for you tonight, in plenty of time for Valentine's Day! (I'm more than a month early, I'm shocked!)

Between Project 365 and Vicki's Challenge, I'm all scrapped out! The wordart tonight comes from my third (and probably my last) entry in her challenge. I got the idea when we were listening to the song during vacation over NYE and I've been meaning to get the right LO for it and I finally got around to doing it. All of the elements came from the most recent issue of ScrapNArt's Ezine, they're easy to get, it's a free subscription. (The requirement for the challenge was of someone you loved only using the three kids within the E-zine).

So, here's the LO:

I know, it's simple, but I was going for the "I left this for you to find when you come home and I'm not here" look. It's all from the OScraps part, except for the folded paper, that's Vicki's on a "multiply" layer over the weathered paper. The WordArt is here, 4shared doesn't like the PNG, but if you want it, let me know and I'll send it over, the link is for a jpg, as are all of the rest. I used "Pea Megan" for the unbolded and "Pea Shirley" for the bolded words, both are from Kevin and Amanda.

So, here's the other LO's I did for her challenge:

The black/red/white one contains the papers, staple and ribbon links from "Urban Love", the crown overlay, the overlay on the red, the heart, the black doodle frame are from "Love Letters", and stitches and date tag are from "Waiting to Happen". The bright and messy one, well, only the "love letters for you" note and the overlay are from OScraps while the rest is from "Waiting to Happen". So without realizing it, I have one of each kit.

Here's my Christmas ones!

Credits "Connor's First Guitar" for go to Pam for her paper, tag and frame; the alpha and the frame wrap come from Gunhild. And he's slowly learning to play, which makes it more amazing. In case you're wondering, it's a 1/2 size we got for $100 at a local music store, it's the only one that size my husband could actually tune!

Credits for "Connor as an Elf": The pouty son, well, he's mine (I had to take that picture, it was one of those "look at me" and I clicked it, it's my favorite of him so far), everything's Vicki's, except the bow, and that's an action from my dear friend (and mainly my inspiration) Deb.

Credits for "Elf on a Shelf": Template from Liz, circle letters from Pam. I HIGHLY recommend the book/elf for any parent with a young child during Christmas, it's adorable and works like a charm. The 24 pictures are from every day during December until he went back in his box.

Credits for "Only one Bite?" go to Gunhild, with the gingerbread layering styles going to Ray at the Adobe Exchange (Thanks Deb!). Of course, this LO was inspired by Santa, we decorated cookies two days before and made a big deal of setting them out and Santa only ate one bite! Of course, he left a note saying that he was too full after eating everybody else's cookies ;).

SO, now that my weekend CSI is over, I think it's time for bed.
If I get inspired for another Valentine's Day WordArt (I know there's tons out there, I just have to have inspiration), I'll set it free!


Deb said...


Thanks for sharing your wonderful layouts! I love your new blog header too! That Eric Clapton song is one of my DH's favorites. He sings it when we are getting dressed up to go out somewhere. LOL. I bet Connor is a whiz with that new guitar! If he has half of your artistic genes he will be ready to join a band by 3rd grade! LOL. I am glad you had a great holiday and I need to follow your lead and take down the Christmas tree today :-(

Paige said...

Connor is so cute! And it sounds like he is very smart too! I loved hearing all the stories your parents had about him when they were in town for my wedding. Looks everything is going great for you all!

Paige :)